Why we started CedarStack

Searching for new ways to solve old problems.


This blog post marks the beginning of a new venture. After many years working in the building industry it seemed like it was finally time to try something new. With recent advances in technology, market dynamics, and the critical need to address the environmental impact of buildings, many of the pieces were in place to begin this effort. The following introduces the impetus and vision for CedarStack.

What are we trying to solve

During the past decade, green building and sustainability have moved from the sidelines to play an integral role in the production of buildings. This has led to the incorporation of energy efficiency codes and standards in many places in the United States. Many universities now have mandates for green buildings certification. And many of the top architects in the country have joined the Architecture 2030 Challenge.

At the same time, economic forces have led to increases in construction costs and the construction industry continues to suffer from low productivity compared to other industries. At the same time as we need to expand access to affordable housing, green infrastructure and jobs, the trillion dollar buildings industry struggles with a lack of affordability due to material cost increases, labor shortage, and project cost overruns.

Many companies within the AEC industry are continuing to struggle with advances in technology. The transition to digital design and fabrication has upended decades-old ways of conducting business. While the expectation is that new technology will lead to improved efficiency, this isn't always the case. Challenges, such as integration of multiple technology platforms, change management, staff skill levels, often lead companies to fall short of their goals.

Many are calling for trillions of dollars of global infrastructure investment by 2030, in order to keep pace with population growth and maintenance. This infrastructure needs to be built at a low cost, high quality, and provide high performance. This is an increasingly difficult set of goals to meet.

Our approach

CedarStack was started in order to search for new solutions to these problems in the buildings industry. We believe data and collaboration will be central to solving these problems, but data only brings value when paired with the proper understanding of how to use it. So, we are focused on providing the right data for the right job. By matching data with use cases and analytical tools, we believe that many of problems of the modern AEC industry can be solved.

Our experience in the AEC industry gives us unique insight into how data plays a key role in the modern AEC business. This deep understanding of business, workflows, and analytics informs our approach to how we think of building data. We combine our technical knowledge around how buildings are designed, constructed and operated with experience around developing software tools for the industry.

We are working on a number of ways to make data more accessible within the AEC industry. We'll be sharing more about products and services soon, but please reach out if you'd like to learn more and hear back from us.


James McNeill